#21 Evolutionary Biology and Data Science with Paco Majic

June 26, 2019

How are genes regulated? And how can we model this incredibly complex system? In this episode we get into these questions, evolutionary biology and data science together with Paco Majic. Paco is a biologist doing his PhD within evolutionary biology and gene regulation at ETH Zurich. He tells us about genomes and gene regulation (how genes are activated and deactived) and how this regulation can modeled and simulationed as networks. We also discuss how this relates to evolutionary biology and the emergence of data science and numerical simulations in biology.

Moreover it features an unexpected cameo of Sonic the Hedgehog.

- Gene regulation
- Evolutionary biology
- EvoDevo: Evolutionary developmental biology
- The "Sonic the Hedgehog paper"
- A paper about regulatory networks (open access!)
- Endless Forms Most Beautiful, the popular science EvoDevo book recommended by Paco Majic
- Preprint of a related paper by Paco Majic

In this episode:
- Paco Majic, Phd student in evolutionary biology and gene regulation at ETH Zurich. @H_hydrochaeris
- Henning Hammar, running the company Börslabbet, PhD in Physics, @investerarfys
- Daniel Constanda, IT consultant in finance at Clara Financial Consulting. @DanielConstanda
- Martin Nordgren, engineer at Tobii, previously at Dirac, @martinjnordgren

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